What is Sipa


S I PA was established in 1989.

The objective was to create a network to support Nordic investors seeking to invest in property outside of their respective home markets.

The support originally provided by S I PA included general advisory services for international investments, consulting in direct investment cases, arranging seminars and publishing quarterly market reports. The organization got off to a booming start, as Swedish property companies flooded Europe with investments in the late 1980s and early 1990s. New members were subsequently attracted from the other Scandinavian countries.

The financial and property market crises that followed were certainly difficult for S I PA and its members. Although the markets recovered from the financial crises after a couple of years
- due in part to massive government support - the property market needed some more years to recover. In this process, many of the Scandinavian property companies chose to divest their international assets. As a result, only about one-third of the inter-national assets acquired were kept in Scandinavian ownership.

Today the intensity of reinvesting abroad is recovering.
Also, the Nordic property markets are strong, andthe property investors are currently very active in their home markets. In addition, significant restructuring has taken place during the last years, involving not onlyNordic property companies but also large international property investors from Europe and the United States.

S I PA and its members has developed to be the natural partner for foreign investors to find their way into the Nordic property market. The S I PA members represents the largest and most important property actors on the Nordic property markets.

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