What is Sipa


Scandinavian International Property Association is an exclusive organization for major property investors with interests in the Nordic countries and was established in 1989.

SIPA offers a unique network, combining the members’ outstanding knowledge of the property markets and the excellent experience from the members’ investments across the world.

The Association is exclusive and only open to those that by their size or their activity can play an important role on the North European property markets.

SIPA offers a unique gateway for those that are interested in the dynamic property markets in the Nordic countries.

The Association and its members works for a more property friendly climate on the respective homemarkets.

Throughout the years SIPA has developed to be the natural partner for foreign investors to find their way into the Nordic property markets.

The SIPA members represent the largest and most important property actors on the Nordic markets. The majority of the members are coming from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

The total property value represented by the majority of SIPA’s members exceeds EUR 60 billion.

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